Orlando-based KAJ Brothers Band Commits to Giving iTunes Proceeds to Help Children Victimized by Sex Trafficking Through Support of Organizations like The Porch Light

KAJOrlando – The Porch Light, an organization of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes to bring hope to innocent children victimized of sex trafficking, will benefit from the up-and-coming KAJ Brothers band. That is, Kyle Craichy, Austin Craichy and Johnny Atys from Orlando, Florida.

The KAJ Brothers have proclaimed that their music has a specific purpose: to leave audiences uplifted and to sing about what real love is all about. When asked about this, the group agreed that they want to “make chivalry cool again and help raise standards for girls and women while also influencing humanity as a whole.”

[blockquote cite=”Kyle Kraichy” type=”center”]“To all girls trapped in this or who were trapped in this, including those living in The Porch Light home this very minute, I personally want to apologize from the deepest part of my heart for what you’ve been through. Not all men are like that, and the ones who are not are done staying silent.”[/blockquote]

The band members are passionate about ending sex trafficking and supporting organizations like The Porch Light, which is making a real and tangible impact on society regarding this issue. The Porch Light recently opened its first safe home at an undisclosed location in Central Florida where innocent child victims of sex trafficking are learning to begin a new life.

One hundred percent of the KAJ Brothers first-year profits from iTunes downloads of their first single, “Hello,” will be given to charities that are taking a stand against sex trafficking, including The Porch Light. To support The Porch Light today, as well as the KAJ Brothers, download their single.

The KAJ Brothers are also challenging fellow artists, celebrities and others to join them in the fight against sex trafficking!

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