Not everyone is called to foster or care for children from outside their home, but every Christian is called to help vulnerable children. That’s why we have created the Central Florida Caregiver Crew.

What is a Caregiver Crew?

Caregivers, including foster parents, are on the adventure of a lifetime, meeting the needs of children and teens going through tough times, working toward the goal of reunification with families. A Caregiver Crew is a One More Child initiative that mobilizes church members and community partners to walk alongside families on their adventures. These Crews provide services such as meals, household services, babysitting, prayer, encouragement and more. One More Child staff connects volunteers and families, as well as offers training, resources and program infrastructure. A Caregiver Crew is headed up by a Team Leader and consists of multiple teams led by Family Advocates and other roles.

Roles of Caregiver Crew team members:


Assign roles, communicate with church staff and One More Child, lead charge.


Point people for families being served by a Foster Crew, sharing their needs.


Babysit to allow couples to take a breather without any financial burden.


Laundry, dishes, yard work, vacuuming, etc. so parents can focus more on the kids.


Cook homemade meals, pick up takeout or provide gift cards to feed hungry bellies.


Check in on people, offer spiritual support and share their requests.


Encourage foster families with notes, small gifts and by taking the time to listen.

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  • Please select a prospective date that would work best for your church to be trained and to kickoff its Caregiver Crew