Team: Spring Hill Church

Written by: Mallory J.

This past week, our team has had an amazing experience being God’s hands and feet. At the beginning of the week, Cesar shared Jeremiah 1:5 with us, reminding us that God knows and has a plan for each one of us and every child we encounter. This was on our hearts throughout the week as we visited houses in the community, fed many families, visited surrounding schools and led Bible camps.








After helping with the feeding ministry, we split off to either visit houses in the community or surrounding schools. This was a very special experience as we heard individual’s stories and prayed over both the families and the classes we got to share the gospel with them.


Sharing God’s love with the children is something that each of us cherish dearly. Whether feeding, running, playing baseball, jumping rope, or laughing with the children, we were able to see God’s love in every beautiful child we encountered.

This week has been such a blessing for our entire team and we are so grateful for the ways we were able to see God move in the Dominican Republic this past week!

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