Dominican RepublicGlobalMission Trip Update

Dominican Republic, September 30th – October 6th, 2017; Trip Update 4

On the 3rd day of our mission trip in the Dominican Republic we got one step closer to completing our goal of building four homes. As “ONE” our team of 8 Americans combined with 15 Dominicans mixed, transported, bucket scooped and poured concrete into the first four layers of foam blocks that we laid yesterday. It was down and dirty, back breaking work– but well worth it to see the smiles on the faces of everyone helping out.

The second half of the day our mission team got to enjoy all the love and bright smiles of the kids as we played baseball in the field. The grass was full of rocks, and we had to stop playing for a herd of passing goats. We played football and soccer and just enjoyed the afternoon, laughing with the kids while trying to figure out what one another is talking about.

As the day came to end we traveled back to our apartment and carried our tired bodies up the stairs from working all day. We walked into a beautifully prepared meal that was amazing. After dinner we shared the highlights of everyone’s day also known as, “WOW time,” and just reflected on what a blessed day we had just experienced. It was tiring but worth every moment. Our group leader made a comment that his goal would be that by the time we leave we would have fallen in love with DR. I have to say, I believe I already have.

Tomorrow we will back at it again and I cannot wait.

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