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Dominican Republic, September 30th – October 6th, 2017; Trip Update 2

On our second full day of working in the Dominican Republic and amongst the people, we got to do some serious building! This morning we got to work alongside 15 very gracious local residents in beginning the construction of 4 homes. We worked side-by-side building walls, securing rebar and preparing for tomorrow’s concrete reinforcement. As we piled each block, it was a little surreal to think that a family would soon move into this house and make it a home. They will sleep here, eat here, laugh here, learn here, make memories here, be secure here and so much more. In addition to that, children will live here. And, likely, their children. And, maybe, their children’s children. These homes that God has graciously allowed us to help build will impact numerous generations of His children to come, and that is a humbling reality.

This afternoon we had the privilege of beginning our work with the community’s hundreds of children. Many of them go to school in the morning, allowing them to spend time with us in the afternoons. Today we threw footballs, bounced balls, jumped rope and worked to get to know them and their precious personalities through our broken Spanish. More importantly, we were able to talk with them about the Ten Commandments and how they can go about living out God’s commandments in their lives. The children are smart, funny, quick and extremely loving. They give the best hugs and have the most beautiful smiles! They, just like the rest of us, simply want to be loved. And it is our sincere hope that each of them will one day know the deep love of Christ.

-Lauren M.

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