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Respond to the famine in Africa through sponsorship!

Virine, a 6-year-old girl who lives in Soroti, Uganda, once roamed the streets of her village after her mother and father passed away. Virine was parentless — a true orphan. She was left to wander and wait for love and care.

Virine was eventually taken in by a loving family who welcomed her into their home and raised her as their own daughter. However, Virine’s newfound family struggled to make ends meet.

To make matters worse, a drought occurred in East Africa and the severity of the family’s needs escalated as they faced famine, along with many other families.

The family was at a breaking point. The family went days without food and finally decided to sell their few belongings to afford their next meal. Soon after, the family was notified that Virine received sponsorship through One More Child and the family would begin receiving a monthly food basket!

For Virine and her family, becoming a part of our Child Sponsorship Program was an answer to prayer in an extremely critical situation.

Virine loves to drink African tea with sugar each day for breakfast. She has also proven to be a fast learner, ranking 15th out of 60 in her first-grade class! We are confident Virine has a bright future, and she and her family are very thankful to her sponsors for making a real difference in their lives.

Just like Virine and her family, many of the families in our Child Sponsorship Program faced true crisis prior to finding relief.

We are thankful for your support, choosing to come alongside families around the world to help ease their burden. Thanks to you, children like Virine never have to worry about their next meal and now have a much brighter future!

Changing a child’s life through sponsorship is not just “their” story, it can also be YOURS. Start your journey by sponsoring a child or providing meals today!

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