GlobalInternship UpdateLatvia

Latvia, June 2nd- July 1st, 2017; Intern Update 8

Written by: Jeanette P.

It is week three of summer camp in Latvia!

We know that we will have new campers every week and bag every week is going to be different- with its own challenges. This week has definitely lived up to that and it is only Tuesday!

As a new group of children walked in yesterday (Monday) morning, we all faced a new challenge. The majority of the children attending this week do not speak Latvian. They speak Russian. This is common in Latvia due to Russian governance for so many years. Talk about keeping us on our toes! It is definitely a little bit more complicated, but everyone has managed beautifully so far! The staff just looked at each other and said, “Okay, now we’re doing two translations.” And that was that! We tell our Bible stories in English, Ilze translates in Latvian, and Aleksandra translates in Russian.

Also this week, we’ve faced families that simply make us think, “Why?” Yet they remind us that this is why we’re here. The children we are providing this camp for have no say in their parents’ choices, but we can tell them about a Heavenly Father that always has their best interest in mind. We can provide them with a safe haven for the time they are with us. We can show them that they deserve the best. We can plant the seed of Jesus and pray that it blossoms. This is why we’re here. Teaching them about the Shield of Faith and the God that protects them is extremely fitting. We pray that we are arming them with the tools they need to face their world and struggles.

Adding on to the excitement of the week, a local news station visited camp today. They interviewed Zanda and I, watched portions of our camp activities, and listened to the children sing. They asked about camp, why we do it, why is it free for the families, who do we cater to, and what does One More Child have to do with anything? It was an honor to talk about the One More Child mission, why we’re in Latvia, and our goal for the children.

I know I am only person. We are only one team. One camp. In one region of the country. One news story. One news station.

But my God is the only God.

I know that my God can take today’s news story and spread it like wildfire. I know that my God can raise worldwide awareness of these children’s situations. I know that my my God can bring about transforming change in the lives of these children and children just like them throughout the entire country. I know that my God can cleanse hearts and rid families of alcohol and drug abuse. My God can provide for families.

I know that my God can do all things. I am claiming His promises in behalf of all the children we are working with. I am claiming His promises in behalf of their families. I am claiming His promises in behalf of the camp staff and One More Child.

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