South Africa (SA-Sep-04-2020)

South Africa (SA-Sep-04-2020)

South Africa (SA-Sep-04-2020)

One More Child would like to thank you for your desire to serve in South Africa!

During South Africa’s apartheid era, racial segregation divided many people. Due to racial tensions many individuals were forced out of the cities into makeshift “townships.” These communities continue to have substandard housing, limited infrastructure and too few schools and job opportunities. Children in these townships suffer from lack of physical and spiritual nourishment. Though the country’s post-apartheid laws now offer full equality for all its people, prosperity was not redistributed when the social structure was reformed. Many South Africans continue to heal from the injustices of the past, and children and families continue to live in makeshift townships. Crime, violence and poverty plague many of these areas. By providing Christ-centered education and care to children we guide them toward positive life choices.

Your work on the ground in South Africa will be significant, but we also pray that upon your return, and even now, you will begin to deepen your world perspective and understanding of the importance of continual service at home and abroad. We are excited to see how your heart will forever be changed and how the Lord will work in your life as a result of this experience. Being the hands and feet of Christ by serving some of the most amazing children and families in the world will be transformational. We welcome you on this journey with us!

On your mission trip you may have the opportunity to:
  • Participate in morning and afternoon kids’ and teens’ clubs.
  • Contribute to the teaching of Bible stories with skits and activities.
  • Help distribute nutritious food to hungry children and youth.
  • Lead parenting workshops for Moms and Tots.
  • Be an encouragement to our national partner’s staff in their daily work and provide much needed pastoral and ministerial care.
  • Experience the culture and history of South Africa while enjoying the natural beauty of Cape Town!


For more information on how mission teams are serving in South Africa please click HERE.

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Trip Details

Led By: One More Child Staff
Start Date: 09/04/2020
End Date: 09/14/2020
Price: $1,300.00 plus international airfare*


One More Child
(863) 577-4488


*International airfare varies greatly and is dependent on many factors such as time of booking, dates of travel, city of departure, and country of destination. Land cost is all inclusive. ** Trip participants applying within 30 days of the date of departure are required to pay a $200.00 late application fee.

Due Dates

Application: 05/07/2020
Deposit: 05/27/2020
Airfare: 05/27/2020
Balance: 08/04/2020


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