It’s more than a job,

it’s a calling

Not every child has the benefit of a loving, caring mother and father to teach them valuable lessons and help them navigate the ups and downs of life. Many children have experienced severe trauma and/or loss and they need people to speak truth and love into their lives and provide guidance during their formative years.

At One More Child we are privileged to provide children in need with a family-like atmosphere in our on-campus “cottages” and we need compassionate, energetic, Christ-centered couples who love children to be the leaders of the household. It is more than a job, it is a calling!

We provide House Parents with all of the resources and support to be successful and to make lifelong and eternal impacts for One More Child.

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What is a House Parent?

A House Parent is someone who lives in one of our on-campus cottages and is responsible for the day-to-day care, guidance and development of the children in their home. 

Our campuses serve school-age boys and girls in family-style homes. Typically, there are bedrooms for one, two or three children, a family room, living room, kitchen and laundry room. Each residence accommodates up to eight children at a time.

Just as it is when being a parent in your own home there are many responsibilities and assignments that are unexpected, but the core responsibilities of a House Parent include: 

  • Encouraging the spiritual growth and awareness of children through daily devotions, prayer at meals and church attendance
  • Building positive relationships with and serving as role models to the children
  • Providing clothes and food to meet the children’s needs within budgeted guidelines
  • Encouraging and supporting each child’s education, including attending conferences and doing homework with them
  • Planning, supervising and participating with residents in daily activities such as recreation, chores and study time
  • Adhering to all organizational policies and utilizing our Behavioral Management System
  • Working with a supervisor to ensure each child’s unique needs are being met

Benefits of Being a House Parent

  • Housing flexibility (no mortgage payment)
  • Company vehicle while on-duty
  • All food costs covered while on duty
  • Both spouses receive health insurance benefits and are eligible for retirement accounts
  • Both spouses earn a salary
  • Opportunity to help children grow spiritually, socially, academically and emotionally
  • You are part of a campus that is similar to living in a friendly little neighborhood
  • Each month you are provided a prolonged time off to rest and recharge

Who Can Be a House Parent?

No two sets of House Parents are identical. Some are empty nesters, others have young children, some are parents to teens and other couples have never been parents. The best House Parents are ones who desire to serve the Lord by caring for children and who are flexible, compassionate and ready to change the life of One More Child! That said, there are some requirements and some preferences to become a House Parent.


  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A sincere desire to serve God in this capacity and do work for His Kingdom
  • An active member of a New Testament church
  • Accepts the Baptist Faith and Message Statement
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Married
  • Cannot have more than two children currently living with them
  • Minimum of a high school diploma or GED
  • Has a current driver’s license with safe driving record (6 points or less) and vehicle insurance
  • Physically able to complete a Managing Aggressive Behavior (MAB) training
  • Meets all of the employments qualifications as outlined in the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual


  • Experience with children and teenagers
  • Married at least two years
  • Strong belief that people have the capacity to grow and change
  • Posses a sensitivity to the cultural differences present among those we serve and our staff
  • Strong team players
  • Individuals who are flexible and teachable
  • Demonstrates good verbal and written skills
  • Has strong ability to manage time and resources effectively

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