Child Sponsorship Assistant

Lakeland, FL

The Child Sponsorship Assistant is responsible for the daily management and administration of the One More Child Sponsorship Program on a part-time (hourly) employment basis.  They will maintain collaborative relationships with all departments (communications, finance, church engagement, etc.) of FBCH and One More Child to maximize fundraising and communication effectiveness.

Some Essential Duties and Functions are:

  • Coordinates the management of sponsorship components including verbal, written and social media communications between sponsors and One More Child offices.
  • Works closely with the Director of Child Sponsorship on the development of sponsor recruitment material and sponsor retention material.
  • Facilitates the distribution of the annual communication templates sent to sponsors for writing to their child and for children writing to their sponsors.
  • Communicates with sponsors and potential sponsors to update payment information, cancel sponsorships, enroll new sponsorships, and answer all inquiries regarding the program.
  • Responsible for facilitating updates to the sponsorship website and importing new child information.
  • Accountable for maintaining internal spreadsheets and databases containing donor and child personal and financial information.
  • Coordinates with One More Child interns and volunteers to assist in the process of making sponsorship materials and uploading data on the website.
  • Communicates with the Database Manager regarding new sponsorships and financial inquiries to effectively update and maintain our internal fundraising database.
  • Participates in the development of campaign forms, messages, etc. as they pertain to sponsorship.
  • Develops and researches the best practices for the sponsorship program and effectively assists in implementing trainings for our global ministry partners.
  • Assist in keeping sponsors engaged and delighted.
  • Accepts other duties as assigned.

Employee Benefits

  • $500 sign-on bonus ($125 upon completion of new hire Relias Trainings, $125 upon successful completion of probation period, $250 at 1 year anniversary)
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