Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking

Lakeland, FL

The Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking is responsible for overseeing the administration of the Anti-Trafficking program, providing community outreach, and securing necessary funding streams needs or other financial resources for expansion and sustainability. The Executive Director of Anti-Trafficking will devise strategic plans in collaboration with key Executive Staff and will ensure all program policies, procedures and guidelines are adhered to and implemented consistently among Anti-Trafficking programs as appropriate. Other key duties include responsibility for the development and oversight of program and its budget and provide direct oversight of Anti-Trafficking’s program and personnel.

Some Essential Duties and Functions are:

  • Oversee and implement appropriate resources to ensure the operation management of Anti- Trafficking program (i.e. safe home and mobile teams) are appropriate and successful, e.g. effective supervision of key staff, hiring and retention of competent qualified staff
  • Provide fiscal management of Anti-Trafficking program including budget preparation, decision making and reporting
  • Manage contracts and ensure compliance with contract goals/expectations.
  • Identify and cultivate alliances to secure financial and non-financial resources to expand and sustain Anti-Trafficking program, e.g., obtain and manage contracts for services, compliance with contract deliverables
  • Implement strategic goals specific to Anti-Trafficking and lead and motivate staff towards achievement of agency and program goals.
  • Ensure all program policies, procedures and guidelines are adhered to and implemented consistently among all locations of services
  • Provide ongoing program assessment and evaluation of best practices and implement appropriate programmatic changes based on current needs within the program in collaboration with the Vice President of Program Operations.
  • Work closely with other professional, civic and private organizations for enhancement of Anti- Trafficking program to further its mission and goals
  • Cultivate, establish and maintain relationships with various organizations and utilize those relationships to strategically enhance the goals of Anti-Trafficking program
  • Lead the on-going anti-trafficking training/education, as requested.

Education and Experience Requirements

  • A Master’s Degree is preferred in Non-Profit Management, Business Administration, Human Services or its equivalent and/or at least five years of non-profit management experience.
  • Prior Anti-Trafficking Experience/Training is strongly preferred.
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