Foster Parents –


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To be eligible to become a foster parent, you:

  • Must be at least 21 years old and have lived in the community for at least six months; an active member of a local Christian church; married with a stable marriage for at least one year (married couples preferred); in good health (a physician’s statement is required).
  • Must meet your county’s home safety requirements, have sufficient bedrooms, and reliable transportation.
  • Must demonstrate emotional stability and have supportive character references; be financially stable; have no criminal record (fingerprinting is required); agree to discipline without physical punishment; be willing to work with social workers/case workers, other professionals, and the child’s biological family; attend a 21-hour foster parent training class such as PRIDE, Passport 2 Parenting, Professional Parenting, etc.
  • Must not be currently employed by One More Child.

The state of Florida provides monthly subsidies to foster parents/families that helps pay for a child’s expenses. Learn more about the state’s commitment to foster care, current board rates, etc. by clicking here.