October 11, 2020 is International Day of the Girl. This day is set aside to celebrate women and specifically girls around the world in all their uniqueness and potential. This day  is an amazing celebration, but also a moment of pause as we recognize  the dangers and challenges many girls face around the world today. One of these places is South Asia, where girls are not valued equally with boys, which makes life difficult and dangerous for so many young women.

This inequality results in a range of issues that women and girls in South Asia face today, such as a lack of healthcare, child marriages, vulnerability to trafficking, a lack of education and many more harmful realities. These dangerous patterns and obstacles make women and girls vulnerable to harm and often hinder them from reaching their full potential and achieve their dreams.

While it is difficult for some to imagine any girl’s reality looking like this today, it is everyday life for girls in South Asia. This region is ranked as the fourth most dangerous place in the world to be a girl, according to UNICEF. These girls need an advocate to help them reach their full potential.

You can help to make life more secure for a girl in South Asia! The One More Child sponsorship program in South Asia serves children and their families in a leper colony. As a sponsor, you will help provide adequate nutrition, medical care and an education to break the cycle of poverty and inequality. You can play an important role of helping protect a South-Asian girl from harmful cultural practices and maintain a dignified standard of living and have hope for the future. One More Child’s sponsorship program is Christ-centered, so your sponsored child will regularly hear the gospel and experience the love of Jesus.

Trisha is a young woman from South Asia whose future got a little brighter through sponsorship. Trisha’s mother worked hard to provide for their big family, but they were still living in an overcrowded one-room home in an impoverished neighborhood. Even in these difficult circumstances, Trisha’s mother knew how important education was for her children’s futures and made sure her daughters got to stay in school. In an unfortunate accident, Trisha’s mother passed away. Trisha’s future became very uncertain until she was entered into the sponsorship program and cared for by loving adults again. Trisha and her siblings were given consistent healthcare, a great education, nutritious foods, and introduced to the love of Christ. We celebrate the work of Christ in Trisha’s life and are so grateful for the partnership of her faithful sponsor!

Happy International Day of the Girl! Let’s celebrate by providing a better future for these girls. www.onemorechild.org/sponsorship

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