Written by: Megan J.

Some of our family’s best travel experiences have been missional: being the hands and feet of Jesus in countries around the world with great needs. While we aren’t certain when we’ll ever hop on a plane again as a family and head on a mission trip, we are thankful that we can continue to be missional by sponsoring a child through One More Child.

Our sweet relationship with little Brailin in the Dominican Republic just clicked from the start. As my husband and I and our two young boys spent the week on a mission trip with One More Child at their Azua, Dominican Republic location in December 2019, we noticed that we frequently had a little visitor at our feet. While all of the children there were friendly and desiring love and affection, there was something a little different about our connection with Brailin.

Brailin consistently sought us out in a crowd and when it was time for a group gathering, he would be in our arms or on our lap in a matter of seconds. We learned from the staff of One More Child Dominican Republic that Brailin’s father lived in a different country as a means to provide for his family, which explained the way that he latched onto my husband, Logan, like he never wanted to let go.

While in the Dominican Republic, we were able to meet his mother and siblings as well as even tour through his home. Our young boys, Landon and Griffin, invited Brailin to join them for a round of kickball or baseball and they sweetly referred to him as a friend while their eyes filled up with tears on the last day of our mission trip.

We don’t know when we will see Brailin again in person, if ever. With increased travel restrictions due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty of what air travel will look like, we are so grateful to still have this connection with Brailin by sponsoring him.

As a child sponsor through One More Child, we receive updates on Brailin and his family as well as having peace knowing that his basic needs are being met. We have a communication line to be able to send him mail, as well as add him to our forever prayer list and tuck him deep down into our hearts. For $35/month, we have loved sponsoring a child through One More Child and knowing that our gift will transform little Brailin’s future. Since we can’t currently hug him in person, it’s such a gift to be able to send our love through sponsorship.

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