Team: Baylor University, Alpha Epsilon Delta

Written By: Christina G.


Education. Something that I didn’t know I was taking for granted. It wasn’t until I came to the Dominican Republic where I realized how blessed I was to be able to attend such a prestigious university. It is such an honor to receive any type of education, and I was never fully aware of that. The children in the Dominican were so excited and eager to learn. I often find myself just memorizing material to get me through the next exam. Once I take the test, half of the material becomes a blur my head. I did not know doing that was taking advantage of my professors and my education.

These students were willing to learn and always wanted more information. We taught them something as simple as brushing teeth. Two days after our teeth brushing health talk, they were still singing songs we taught them and bringing up the puppets we used during our demonstration.

Another eye opening moment was when a little girl was telling me she ripped her skirt, her only skirt for school, and she was afraid to go to back to school because she didn’t want to get made fun of. She contemplated not going, but she ultimately chose to return since she she “couldn’t miss a day of learning because it is too much of a loss!” She was excited to learn French and subtraction that day.

There are days where I do not want to go to class, without any urgent reason or explanation. It was amazing seeing how these students never had maximum capacity when it came to learning. They were always left wanting more and were very attentive. After this trip, I will never take any education for granted. I will carry this important lesson with me, and always apply it to my life.


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