URGENT UPDATE – Currently our GREATEST NEED IS FOOD. Please help fill hungry bellies today by visiting www.onemorechild.org/food

As we collectively grapple with this ongoing global pandemic, one of the lights in the dark is all of the people, churches and businesses who have taken and are taking the opportunity to ask, “How can I help?”

Obviously that answer changes, sometimes by the hour, usually because of circumstances far beyond our control. One thing each person can control right now is his or her generous response to ensure that we meet the needs of the thousands of children and families we serve.

This page will serve as a continually updated hub of our urgent needs during this unprecedented time. We ask that you kindly and prayerfully consider how your generosity today can meet immediate needs and have an eternal impact! Thank you for your prayers, your volunteerism and your financial support.

Family Support

Our Family Support team has adjusted many of its normal processes due to the coronavirus, but our needs are MORE present now than ever before because we are serving families who are suddenly without pay or experiencing major cuts to their hours at work. We are able to provide families in our program boxes filled with non-perishable food items, meat, baked goods, household supplies and cleaners, and Easter gifts for their children. Meeting these needs is opening the door to Gospel conversations that can offer children and families the peace they desperately need.

Help our Family Support team by:

  • Making a financial gift to help us provide for the unique challenges facing the families we serve
  • Praying for those we serve to know the love of Christ and be changed by the Gospel

Foster Care

In foster care, our needs for children remain immense. We continue to receive placements for children removed from their homes due to no fault of their own, and our staff is working diligently to license more loving Christian foster families. These families need food to feed hungry bellies around the clock like never before, and they need us to be their extended family in a time of great need.

Help our Foster Care team by:

  • Providing gift cards for our foster families to use to get groceries by emailing us at foster@onemorechild.org and connecting with our staff
  • Starting your foster care adventure NOW – we always need more foster parents!
  • Praying for our Foster Care staff who are juggling chaotic schedules that are bound to shift at any moment
  • Making a financial gift to help us provide for the unique challenges facing the families we serve


We continue to meet the needs of victims through our safe home care, and this health crisis has forced our 24/7 mobile teams to meet with victims remotely in many cases, encouraging them and helping them take the next right steps in their healing. As part of this we are dropping off meals to their doors! This ensures a basic need is met in a time that could include more instability. Every need we meet is crucial to a survivor’s long-term well-being.

Help our Anti-Trafficking team by:

  • Making a financial gift to help us provide for the unique challenges facing the victims at this time
  • Praying for the victims we serve and our Anti-Trafficking staff who is working tirelessly to meet increased needs and also care for their own families

Single Moms

We are meeting the increased needs of our single moms and their children at Single Moms homes in Jacksonville, Lakeland, Miami and Tallahassee. We are guiding them through uncertain times by teaching them how to stretch budgets, assisting them in finding childcare and ensuring they have access to necessities such as food and cleaning supplies. More than ever we need help to provide these necessary resources to show how we all are the extended family to these brave single moms.

Help our Single Moms team by:

  • Making a financial gift to help us provide for the unique challenges facing our single moms and their children at this time
  • Sharing information about food, educational and childcare resources in the communities listed above by emailing us at children@onemorechild.org or by sharing info with us via our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds
  • Start a Single Moms Community Program at your church to provide life-changing support and mentorship to brave moms in your community
  • Praying for the single moms and children we serve, as well as our Single Moms staff

Child Hunger

Last year we provided more than 10 million meals to feed hungry children and individuals domestically and globally, and the need to get essential food into the hands of those we serve is more dire than usual. We currently are serving meals at more than 140 sites through our Backpack Meals program and feeding programs, and we will continue to for as long as we have the resources to do so. The good news is you can help – and your gift makes it possible to continue to reach out and provide children and families essential nutrition!

Help our Child Hunger team by:

  • Making a financial gift to help us provide cost-effective, nutritional meals to hungry children and individuals
  • Check out www.onemorechild.org/food for locations in Florida that are currently accepting non-perishable food donations
  • Directly ship us food from our registry – www.onemorechild.org/food
  • Praying for children and individuals who are hungry, asking God to continue to connect us to vital resources


This is a global pandemic we are in the midst of, meaning there are many dire needs throughout the world we are tending to during this time of uncertainty. Our child sponsorship program continues to meet children’s needs for education, food, medical care, developmental activities and spiritual growth. Our need for resources is elevated due to the cancellation of mission teams who were scheduled to bless many of the children we serve over the next few months. We continue to work hard at daily initiatives including providing clean water programs, partnerships with local governments and more.

Help our Global team by:

  • Becoming a child sponsor today! Your gift of just $38 a month changes a life, and we make it simple to communicate with your sponsored child via online messages.
  • Making a financial gift to help us provide for the unique challenges facing children around the world at this time
  • Praying for our Global staff and the children and families we serve – may God guide them, protect them and encourage them

Thank you for your commitment to praying for One More Child and making gifts of your time and resources to help us help one more child.

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