Recently, One More Child foster parents received a call about two brothers who had been removed from their family’s home because their 2-month-old brother, Luke*, had been beaten so severely that he was not expected to survive through the night.  

Although One More Child did not have a local foster home with adequate space to take both boys in immediately, two foster families agreed to provide short-term placements until a One More Child home with adequate space could be identified.

Due to the extent of baby Luke’s injuries, his family members were not allowed to have contact with him until the investigation concluded.  In order to ensure that he did not die alone, another One More Child foster family, who lived more than an hour from the hospital, received approval to stay with him.  

They sat with him, prayed for him, sang over him, and cared for him as if he was their own child.  Additionally, throughout the night, a network of One More Child foster parents prayed for him.

Baby Luke not only lived through the night, but in the Lord’s mercy he began to thrive!  After several weeks of care, he was able to be discharged from the hospital and is now placed with his brothers in a loving One More Child foster home.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.  


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