Ft. Myers

Six children.  One year.

Fred and Amber Nelson have been foster parents for one year, providing care for six children, including their now-adopted daughter.

The Nelson family began their foster care adventure when they learned about how many children were waiting for safe, loving homes. The tug on their hearts told them they were the ones to meet that need. Their goal is to provide every child who walks through their door a home that is supportive and encouraging.

Answering that tug on their hearts has not always been easy.  For the Nelsons, it meant packing up their life multiple times, the most recent being leaving Ohio to move back to Florida.  Doubts of moving back to Florida were real, but the blessings show that saying “yes” to God is the best “yes.”

The special funny moments stand out the most as the family reminisces about one of their children’s prayers at the dinner table.

“He insisted on praying for the fish every night at dinner. He loved fishing,” they said.

They see the goodness in God’s provision and His faithfulness.

“[God] has opened so many doors, and opportunities we could never have guessed would come.”

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