For foster parents Chuck and Lisa Wallace, they reflect the love of Christ no matter the cost. It was the night one of their teen foster sons ran away from home that they experienced what it is like to showcase the unconditional love of Christ — chasing after a child who feels far from home to let them know they are wanted and they are loved.

With this teen was on the run, moments of shock and confusion hit. What do you do when one of your children runs away? This would typically be filled with moments of fear and doubt, but Chuck went all in, searching for his boy. Eventually, Chuck’s search was rewarded when he found his child. He scooped the child into his arms and reminded him he was loved and wanted.

The reality is that teenagers are the most difficult to find foster care placements for, especially teenage boys. Bless the Wallace family, they currently care for eight boys, including their two adopted sons. They have cared for a total of 20 children and teens over the past four years.

“We are reminded every day how much GRACE is extended to us daily,” the Wallaces said.

The couple explains how their eyes are open to how many people are searching for meaning, often in the things of this world, which leaves them empty. They teach the kids in their care to look for Christ for true meaning, and three children have accepted Christ as their Savior while being cared for by the Wallace family.

The night their foster teen ran away, it taught them a valuable lesson.

“Even when these kids are hard to love, by His grace, we constantly strive to pursue them to the ends of the earth to let them know how loved they are,” says Chuck and Lisa.

Christ does the same for us in that when we feel unworthy of being loved, He constantly pursues us. Each time we try running away, He runs with us, waiting for the moment we pause to turn to Him so He can say, “You are loved.  You are wanted.”

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One Comment

  • Tommy Decker says:

    Thank you for everything you all do providing these children love and a home. Make every minute count. God Bless the Wallace family. Let’s send them on a well earned and deserved trip. God is Good!

    God Bless both of you and your family. God is smiling down on all of you. Amen!


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