Trip: Colombia Medical Missions

Written by: Tyler S.

This mission trip has been challenging for me in a way that has been quite unexpected. I’ve been on several mission trips over the past eight years and God has always taught me a different lesson or had a different theme for each of them. The lesson for this trip has been very surprising.

He has been redefining my concept of family.

In almost all my past experiences, the families we’ve encountered and encouraged on trips have been broken. Either the mom or dad has died, or worse, abandoned the family. A child has become orphaned and now lives with his aunt or uncle or cousin. A grandmother is taking care of her eight grandchildren because all her kids left them to her.

None of those circumstances are what we’ve encountered in Colombia so far.

At each of the medical clinics we have conducted, families have showed up together. Mothers and fathers have come bringing their children and their parents and their grandparents. We’ve had some families that consist of four generations. It’s been such a privilege to capture snapshots of the love and smiles from these incredible people.

To see children caring so deeply for their aging and ailing parents… To see fathers holding their son’s and daughter’s hands as they wait to be seen… To see grandmothers helping their daughters take care of their grandchildren…And to see this constantly. All day long. From so many different families! There is a love in this country, in this place, that only God can foster.

I’m humbled that God has brought me to Colombia to learn from such wise and strong families. When I grow older and have children and grandchildren, I want the closeness within my family to resemble the closeness I’ve seen in families here over the last three days. I want my legacy with Jesus to be found in four generations after me. I want my family to be one of love and joy and steadfastness.

That’s what I’ve encountered in this country. And it’s been life changing.

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