Team: First Baptist Church of Cross City, FL

Written by: Faith B.

Six days ago, our team flew out from various places within the United States to join God in His Kingdom in Colombia. We arrived in the beautiful city of Bogota but quickly traveled to Facatativa, where we worshipped with a local church.  Then we travelled to  Villeta; a colorful town two hours away from Bogota. Even though we came as a team, we immediately partnered with local churches, pastors and sweet friends to work together to accomplish what God had called us to do.

Team members leading a Venezuelan refugee to Christ

After settling in, we prayerfully followed the Spirit’s guidance into Sasaima’s local elementary and high schools. We had the blessing to connect with students of all ages, races, backgrounds and religions. As we made new friends, not only did we give candy, toys and English lessons, but ultimately, we shared the love of Jesus through the reading of scripture, sharing of testimonies, passing out Bibles and being Christ centered with our actions and words.

Passing out Bibles to 10th grade girls

As we worked together with local churches and were guided by God, we opened unexpected doors in the community. We were amazed to see God work through us, even through mundane things like a game of foursquare. Four square was a great attraction in the local park, kids of all ages came to play with us, three nights in a row. We were full of joy to experience playing with over fifty Colombian kids and have intentional spiritual conversations as we played.

Ministering to a young indigenous child from rural Colombia

Even though we came to make a difference in Colombia, we left being impacted by the Colombia culture, people and community. We are incredibly blessed to have learned and grown together as individuals and as a team. We could not have done what we did without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Also shout out to our three great translators, including our trip leader Alfred, who made this experience unbelievably amazing. We could not have grasped the culture without them.

We are forever thankful for the opportunity to be God’s hands and feet and experience God in indescribable ways. We are returning home with hearts full of joy and eternal lessons that we pray we apply on a daily basis. We will continue to pray for the Colombian people, communities, seeds planted and future groups. God is doing incredible things in Colombia and we are extremely excited to see the more amazing things He will continue to do in the future.”

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