We woke this Tuesday morning to a nice cool breeze at breakfast. Maddie led our devotion on prayer and church members who are doing a wonderful job leading their flock. It’s exciting to be just a very small part of the wonderful things God is doing in this community.

Our time working on the homes looked much the same as yesterday’s with sand fit right in with our gang.

There’s nothing sweeter than walking from the homes back to the CTC to see kids linking hand Amber did an equally nice job yesterday). We then broke into age groups for crafts so that we can continue the spiritual applications after the lesson. The older boys stayed together so long we thought they had started a revival!

We all headed to the ball field after VBS for a pick-up game of baseball. There was no gender or age requirements and laughter. Our own Amber showed them how it was done today, slugging out in left field for a double! It’s great to be able to spend some hang time with families from the community.

Ivelisse continues to outdo her own cooking with each subsequent meal! After a full day, everyone is getting prepped for another great time in The Word with kids, washing some clothes, playing dominoes or cards, and hanging out. It’s been a full but amazing day.

On a final note, we must give a huge shout out to the One More Child team. It’s made our job so much easier and accommodated us so graciously.

Good night from Azua!


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