It’s a starry night in Azua. The power is out but we have a generator going. Even with no AC, it’s nice and Jacksonville, maybe we need to bring some of THIS weather back home to YOU!

We started our day (as we do each day) in devotion and challenged us from the Book of James.

Once at El Carrizal, we joined hand work.

Those who have made multiple trips have enjoyed seeing the kids and trust!

The kids had lots of energy for VBS with games, music, and were able to share more in small groups as kids added to their armor. Pray that God has planted seeds in the hearts of kids who heard the plan of salvation.

Instead of baseball today, we were able to get a glimpse of everyday life in the towns of Peralta and Majesual. While traveling through the other side of El Carrizal, we noticed the kids from VBS on the roadside with the swords they made today. Our prayer is that they are equipped with THE Sword!

And good news… the power is back on! Good night.


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