Today was our last day in El Carrizal. Before leaving the apartment, Paul shared with us on the last day of 2015. We reflected on the past year and not to waste the year ahead of us.

Our team joined our Dominican friends one last time to work on the homes. We were able to complete four homes, inside and encouraged us from The Word.

The kids arrived soon after for VBS. Our hearts were a little full knowing this would be the last time we will see these sweet children (for now). Our hope is that God’s Word will take root in their hearts.

Of course, they followed us all to the ball fields for our final game!

Goodbyes took a little longer than usual but we loaded on to the bus to fight our way back through Azua traffic as many are coming home to be with family for the New Year. We enjoyed getting to see and enjoyed a special Dominican meal, Sancocho.

The apartment and new friends.

To God be the glory for what was accomplished this week through HIM and El Carrizal.


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