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Dominican Republic, July 30th – August 5th, 2016; Trip Update 3

It’s hard to believe that Wednesday is almost over and we have only one more day in El Carrizal. We have had so many wonderful experiences over the last four days that it is all starting to run together. This morning we traveled about an hour east to Bani to shop for supplies to fill baskets for the fourteen children that have been sponsored here through One More Child. We then returned to the apartment in Azua, which has been our home base while we’re here, to have lunch.

This afternoon we traveled back to El Carrizal to organize our purchases in a room at the Community Transformation Center. These baskets will be presented to the sponsored children along with their families by the second team that is coming from Tallahassee next week. The team members will get to meet each family individually, getting to know and pray with them along with presenting the baskets to them.

When we first learned what we would be doing this morning, I thought that shopping didn’t sound like something that the entire team should be doing. It sounded so unexciting to me. But my assumptions could not have been more wrong. We divided into four teams with each team responsible for buying enough of the items on our list to supply the fourteen children. Oh, and we had a budget that we had to stay within. We all met back at the front of the store to checkout; and after a few minor adjustments, we left with four really big and very heavy boxes of supplies. We came within a few pesos of our budget, about three dollars.

To come to realize what these baskets will mean to these children and their families was quite emotional. While fourteen children is not an insignificant amount, it is only touching the surface of the needs of the children and their families just in this one community. I would encourage every person reading this to prayerfully consider sponsoring a child through Orphans Heart, as I plan to do when I return to Tallahassee.

This afternoon we had 146 children at the CTC to play and sing, learn a Bible lesson about Joseph, learn a memory verse, do a craft depicting Joseph’s coat of many colors, and have a snack. We then split up with the children and played games and a game of baseball. As with each day this week, we have engaged in all three strands of the ministry in El Carrizal. Only one more day left for ministry on this trip. With God’s grace I will be able to come back here next year to build on the relationships we made this year, just like we are doing with the relationships we made here last year.

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