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Dominican Republic, June 25th – July 1st, 2016; Trip Update 5

Today was our last day on the job site. We finished the walls right on schedule and got the last of the 14 houses cleaned as well as the donations closet organized. The workers have been unbelievable to work with; they are so patient and encouraging as we work. We lead a devotion with them this morning and it was heart warming to see how hungry they were for God’s word.
This is my first ever mission trip and to see the impact we are having on the lives of these people is the most amazing feeling. We’ve had over 100 kids attend our bible time everyday. I’ve grown very close to all of them and it was very hard to say goodbye today. I can only hope and pray I will be given an opportunity to come back and have this wonderful experience again very soon. The Lord is doing great things here. You can feel his presence always.
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