Dominican RepublicGlobalMission Trip Update

Dominican Republic, June 3rd – 9th, 2017; Trip Update 3

Team: FBC Umatilla

There is a great paradox that says, “I can be helped by helping others.” It has been an amazing experience to serve the Dominican families, while their gratitude and humility inspires us and brings us more than any gift imaginable.

Today, June 6th, we had an amazing breakfast (with more local mangoes) being closer bonded than before, as we discussed plans for the day. We also had a prayer circle, where each person would pray for the person on his or her left (upon request).

After that it was off to the work site where we sun screened up and began some awesome concrete work filling wheel-barrows and buckets for both houses. There was a spirit of teamwork in the air. With all worked smooth and hard all day long, with different jobs; there was also a spirit of unlimited energy in the air, probably coming from the Lord Himself. We also played games with kids ages 3-15. Watching 5 year old children throwing (baseball) heat with us was incredible to watch; they could be future professional baseball players.

We continued on with the story of Moses, followed by craft time. The spirit of God was tangible as we broke out into smaller groups as we deepened the discussion of Moses and Pharaoh. To finish the day we walked a few blocks toward the mountains and away from the job site where we arrived at a baseball field. The older kids played a game (easily mistaken for minor leagues). While they played like the pros, we experienced the Lords tenderness through a game of catch with the younger kids. We were all pretty wiped so we decided to head back for dinner and testify how God was working through our ‘Wow,’ moments. I am humbled to serve a God whom delights himself in the work of His people, gathering the nations under the umbrella of His glory.

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