Dominican RepublicGlobalMission Trip Update

Dominican Republic, March 4th – 10th, 2017; Trip Update 1

Team: Baylor University AED

From: Waco, TX

Written by: Madison S.

Today we ventured from our small town, Waco, TX, to the beautiful AZUA, Dominican Republic! The neck cramping and listening to babies cry in the airplane was so worth it. We left Waco at 2:30am for our 7:20am flight from Dallas to Miami. We then left Miami at 11:45am for the beautiful Dominican Republic. Even though we knew the Dominican Republic was next to the Caribbean Sea, nothing could prepare us for the sight of those beautiful azure waters.

After going through the immigration process we met our new friends and tour guides: Cesar, Paul, Pablo, Cessarin, and Campeón. We got our last slice of pizza at the airport and left on the bus to Azua. We stopped at a candy shop on the road to try some authentic Dominican candy. We tried Jalao, fresh mozzarella, and our favorite, coco batata piña. We then arrived at our new home for the next week and were welcomed by a meal of pasta salad, tossed salad, and Morir Soñando. After dinner some were introduced to the game “Uno Picante”.

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