Dominican RepublicGlobalMission Trip Update

Dominican Republic, March 4th – 10th, 2017; Trip Update 2

Team: Baylor University AED

From: Waco, TX

Written by: Madison S.

Today we woke up early for a delicious breakfast of eggs, mangu, sausage, bacon, and, of course– coffee. After breakfast we listened to Cesar’s testimony and how Christ has walked him through many trials in life to place him here with One More Child. His testimony was so inspiring and reminded us all that God loves us and knew us before we were even born; that God has a plan for us all.

We then left to go to the CTC and see its surrounding community. The kids were so loving and welcoming and they adored running races against us! After losing multiple races (these kids are fast) we went inside for a church service. We were amazed by how happy and loving the community was, not only towards each other, but towards us. We were hugged, as we smiled goodbye to everyone as we left. We then made our way towards Playazul for lunch and the beautiful beach. We took pictures by the gorgeous blue waters, played water polo/water volleyball/ monkey-in-the-middle in the pool, and had fried fish and platanos for lunch.

Sun kissed and filled with yummy food we went back to the house to get cleaned up. Dra. Rosanna joined us for a dinner of homemade chicken, cheese, and beef empanadas and squash soup. Dra. Rosanna then answered our questions and shared her experiences as a physician. Her greatest piece of advice to us as aspiring medical professionals was to give ourselves completely to our profession. After dinner we split up into groups to prepare for our first days of work tomorrow!

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