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Today we started our day off with a fabulous breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, fruit and sopapilla (reminded me of round fried corn bread).  Miss Ivelisse is a wonderful cook and we look forward to her meals.  Then it is off to the work site in El Carrizal. The streets are so busy with children in uniforms walking to school and adults walking or catching moped/dirt bike taxi’s. The drive from Azua to Carrizal is around 30 mins.  Soon as we reach the worksite our team circles up with the Dominican construction workers and missionaries for prayer. So far this is how we have started off each work day when arriving at the worksite.  From 8:00 to 10:30 the majority of our team (Lindsay, Joann, Ronda, Lucinda, Judy, Dayna, Linda, Joann and Valeria) paint the outside and inside of almost completed homes.  While our remaining team (Roland, Jerry, Chris, Jim and Shelley) add roofs to two other homes.

13 6By 10:30 we are walking over to the community/worship center to lead a mini vacation bible school for the children who attend school later in the afternoon.  This group is attentive and eager to learn. After our song time Chris and Jerry act out our story of Jacob and the ladder. Followed by a puppet show and craft.  After the first group of children left, lunch is served. During that time we are able to share how the morning went with the children.  Cesar wanted to show us three towns that are located on the opposite side of where we drive from on our way to the work site.  So we take a little ride that resulted in a heavy heart for many of us.  Yesterday and today we have been able to love on 250(ish) children and adults from one town. But today as we drove through two other towns, Majagual and Peralta, it became evident how many more children and adults there are to show the love of Jesus.

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When we return to the work site the paint and roof crew worked until 2:30.  Our second VBS session begins and all I will say this group was a little more rambunctious than the first!  After sharing the story of Jacob, puppets and craft, we headed over to the  baseball field to have more time and interaction with them.  Almost all of our ladies and Chris had a time at bat. I’m pretty sure we were very entertaining to them.

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Some last thoughts on today, and things I witnessed were:

  • Chris, a big ole teddy bear, stepping out of his comfort zone of working on a roof to give a child a piggy back ride.
  • Mr. Jim and Jerry stepping out of their comfort zones singing and following hand motions to songs that we sang with the children.

These were huge for me to see others stepping out of their comfort zones to love like Jesus loves!

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