Work Day 1:

7So, we were not really sure what to expect on our first actual work day, but it started off with a great Dominican breakfast favorite: MANGU. Then off to the site a little earlier than usual, in order to get set up and ready. We made it to the site at the time we wanted to, even with some if us taking a little longer getting to the bus…(Cesar is kind of a stickler about organization and timeliness.)

6When we got to the site, we all pitched in, were ready even earlier than anticipated. We were on time for the first few patients who were already lined up! Yay us!

From check in, to medical, to dental and then finally to pharmacy- the medical part seemed to go smoothly! Wendy, our newly trained dental hygienist was a rock star as was Heidi, our fresh out of medical school MD!

Surprise, surprise, the kids didn’t have school today so Roy, A.J., Marsha, Louis David, Merarri and Colleen had their work cut out for them! However, they were able to witness to the kids AND keep them happy and active! A.J. has  a real heart for the kiddos.
We finished off the day with a happy 21st birthday celebration for Louis David. This included raw eggs and flour to his head (remind me never to have a birthday around these guys!) We ate another stellar 5 star dinner from Ivelisse…this really isn’t “roughing it”.

My all time favorite part of the day is and always will be, “Wow Time”.  If you want to know what that is, I guess you will have to sign up for an One More Child Mission Trip!

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