From Wednesday, Day Three:

Photo Nov 03, 7 32 15 AM

Our Dominican Republic trip leader, Cesar, has told us that today we completed the third quarter of our mission trip.  Our Calvary Church leader refers to our collective mission as “boots on the ground for Jesus”.  Guess what? She really does wear boots! This unlikely band of believers has formed a strong team and accomplished great things in the name of Jesus to the glory of God.

Photo Nov 02, 7 47 49 AM

The medical team along with two Dominican doctors have diagnosed and treated new cases of hypertension, revived a 14 year old girl and a 1 year old boy, as well as cared for many patients with routine illnesses and conditions. The generator is working overtime to keep up with the power requirements needed for all the EKG’s and breathing treatments.

The dental team cleaned, polished and pulled so many teeth that the tooth fairy wants a bailout.

The vision team has impacted lives of patients who are now able to read clearly —especially their Bibles!

Our Pharmacy is a very popular place. Patients are truly grateful for the medications they receive. In addition to prescription medications, they were provided with basic over-the-counter medications to improve their general daily health.

The children’s ministry team, along with One More Child staff members, delivered the gospel message using stories, songs and crafts. What a joy to see the children respond so eagerly to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many have indicated that they know Jesus and some even received Jesus as their Lord and Savior this week.  These children are hungry for strong male role models and our guys stepped up to the plate. Even the “tough” guys cradled little ones.

Photo Nov 02, 8 31 52 AM

The construction team primed and painted homes in the One More Child community alongside the local construction workers. It’s exciting to see each new home completed and ready for families to enjoy. They also built a cork bulletin board that will become the information center in the Community Transformation Center (The DR’s version of Calvary’s “In the Loop”).

Security maintains an atmosphere of safety and respect. Our van drivers transport us to and from the work site over HUGE speed bumps and local checkpoints all while keeping our spine intact and our stomach where it belongs.

What God has done through this team is AMAZING . We have been obedient and FLUID!!

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