After another amazing breakfast at 6:30 a.m., the Southside group left for the work site. This morning we began work at the ground level, beginning with only a foundation. Over the next three hours a home began to appear as the Southside crew worked along side the Dominican crew. Walls were established outlining the blueprint of a new home. Check out this Facebook page to see a time elapsed video of our efforts. By the time we left to meet with the children at 11 a.m., the first half of the home’s walls were completed!  As we started with a strong foundation we were reminded to build our own lives in Christ our solid ground.

Our time with the children is every bit as exhausting as working on the job site, but so worth the effort. We have learned that if God builds it and we obey, they will come. Over the course of two different sessions, we were able to interact with and share Jesus with over 100 children here in the Dominican. We started with games that involve all of the kids, taught them songs (If your happy and you know it and Father Abraham). Next came a Bible lesson on the life of Joseph. Darlene led the lesson translated by one of our excellent interpreters while in the background the rest of our team acted out the story being told. Special thanks to Ross who plays the role of Joseph. The children are getting caught up in Joseph’s trials and adventures. It was so precious to be able to share God’s Word with these young hearts.

After a much needed lunch of cheese filled pasta and a very short siesta, it was back to the job site to finish up painting on a few homes in progress. Our team continues to work well together and Ross and Daniel keep us laughing.

At 4pm it was off to the baseball field. John especially looks forward to this time and has begun to build strong relationships with some young ball players. Even those not playing ball get to spend time with the children whether it’s volleyball or just quality time. After the game it was back to the apartment for some life-saving nourishment and a time of sharing and planning for the next day. We are so blessed to be working with One More Child and their Dominican team. They are taking great care of us as they open doors we thought we would never be able to walk through.


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