Our journey today continues with a love for the local people, and a heart for God. We thought we were tired before, but after pouring concrete into the walls of a house for a family to call home, we now know what tired really feels like.

The children here are so happy and are very welcoming. Playing games and singing songs and listening to the Bible story have been bigger part of the journey than just building a house. We are building a new hope in Christ for so many.

After our time at the site was over, we took a bus ride through the areas where the families currently live. It was heartwarming to see the houses that some are living in now. Back home in the US, some people would consider them shacks. Now some local families will get to call the new community home.

This morning I saw a message on the wall of one of the houses still being completed that said “This is your mission field.”  I’m so glad I came here, now the question is, “Will you?”

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