We started the day off with a some great food from Ivelisse, and Cesar gave us his testimony. Cesar’s story is amazing and one thing is for sure– God has him right where He wants him to be. We then headed to the construction site where the 100 homes are being built. The site is actually just outside of Azua where the poverty is much more noticeable. Cesar gave us a tour and showed us the incredible things God is doing in this area of the Dominican Republic.12065615_10153600328066119_358722847166243572_n

This area is very beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides. In the center of the homes is the church which is called the CTC (Community Transformation Center). This is where all the action happens. It’s Sunday so today church starts at 10 am. We were blessed to have communion with this fellowship and we saw three baby dedications! At the service, the team broke up into two groups– one group worked with the kids and the other stayed back and listened to a message by the pastor. Both teams were blessed in different ways. God is definitely at work here.

After church, Cesar had something special for us. Since it was Sunday he wanted us to enjoy the beauty of the Dominican Republic and the diversity of its people. He took us to an amazing spot called Playazul, located right on the Caribbean Sea. Here we had another amazing meal, played dominoes, talked, relaxed, and took a dip in the pool. We left Playazul late in the afternoon. Back at the apartments we had another great meal, shared our WOW moments of the day, and planned our Bible teaching/activity session with the children for the week. After another long day we all are tired and ready for bed. We’re looking forward to tomorrow to see what God has in store for each of us.

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