If you had asked me 6 months ago if I could imagine myself in the Dominican Republic, covered in cement, with a group of people I barely knew and spreading the love of Christ to children I would have said absolutely not. God has a way of leading us to the unknown, uncharted areas of life to do His work if you let him.

Here I am today, day 4, and bonded together.

Our goal is to build 4 homes and we are almost there!

Midday we break to eat lunch and beautiful. They each have a special story behind them.

They call us “Americano” if they cannot remember our names and I can still hear their sweet little voices.

Today was an extra special day though! Today was sponsorship day. This is the day where we deliver the sponsorship baskets to the families who are sponsored. What an amazing experience, to see the joy and light on their faces.

Sponsorship is not just about showing up to get a basket of food and hear the word of the Lord.

As I sit down and changing mine.

Erica O.
Philippians 4:6-9


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