A Baylor University Line Camp Experience (freshmen orientation + One More Child missions)

Yesterday was a blast. I felt like it was the first day that we really connected as a team in a way that felt natural and easy. We were past the awkward stage of creating good first impressions and were able to get more comfortable with one another as we explored Antigua.

The day began early as usual but was filled with touristy fun. Our team took big, open jeep/bus things up a mountain to visit a coffee plantation. At the coffee plantation we got to choose between zip lining, horseback/mule riding, and touring the coffee plantations. The majority of the team went zip lining while a few chose the other options.

Zip lining together was a bonding experience for us. A few people were pretty anxious beforehand, which made it pretty special to see them conquer their fears and take a leap of faith—literally.

We also got to eat lunch at the most extravagant McDonald’s most of us have ever seen in central Antigua, followed by a walking tour of the city where we got to see ruins and shop in the market.

Today we finally get to serve with One More Child at the malnutrition center. I think this is what everyone has been looking forward to the most. More than anything else we came to Guatemala to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and though we’ve loved getting to know each other through fun and games there’s nothing quite like witnessing one person love on another.

I personally can’t wait to see the growth in all of the freshman on this trip as they learn about their strengths and apply them to how they serve the world. We have such a talented, passionate group of students who I feel blessed to be able to watch grow in their first moments as a Baylor bear!


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