Our last day was our busiest one so far!  We started off with the ladies’ Bible study, again with a full house of over a hundred, led by Charles Junior and with another message from our Pastor Daniel, and the distribution of Bibles.  Some of our young people did “child care” during the service, and at the end we again passed out bags of rice and beans.

What a powerful ministry this is!  The reports we are getting from the community across the street are that the people there now feel that someone cares for them, and that there is hope for them.  Some are starting to come to Pastor Vilbrun’s church next door.  We pray that this ministry will continue to get donations to pay for Bibles and the little food we pass out, that we will start to have more medical teams soon, and that this will grow into a powerful outreach to the communities around us for our Lord!

After the ladies left we got back to work on the roof, starting with the porch, and then the rest of the front.

Meanwhile Brenda decided to give our storeroom a thorough cleaning and along with Wowo, left it spotless and better organized than it has ever been!

And finally the roof was done!

Many thanks to our roofing crew, headed by Jonathan, Daniel and Austin,

but with the participation of just about the entire crew. We also made great progress with the plumbing, thanks to Bert and Wayne, Gail and some of the others put up the remaining interior wall, and the remaining truss braces were put on by Craig, David and Josh.


What a team! Their youth and enthusiasm, led by the experienced members, accomplished wonders.

We thank the Lord for this week and His protection and provision, and for the privilege and blessing of bring able to serve Him here, and we will carry the message of this wonderful work back to our families, friends and churches.


Please pray for more workers! We are getting close to moving the children, but there is so much remaining to be done.

 Come join us!


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