Day 3 – Tuesday:  Food for the Families:

We arrived at the work site today to find that the 3rd house had the block work finished by the nationals.  Quite a blessing that allowed us to jump right into the main task of the day – completing and compacting the fill for the foundations of homes 1 and 2 by shovel and wheelbarrow. 

The highlight of the day was the food gifts that were given to each of the 30 families of the village.  Each family received 20 lbs corn meal, 5 lbs rice, 10 lbs beans and a supply of cooking lard. We could see that the families were very grateful as they gathered under the weathered, palm branch covered bamboo shelter to receive the food.  The shelter was located in the same pasture where the children had played soccer on Sunday.  It was a special time when we all gathered together under the shelter to bless the food before helping the women carry their food back to their homes.   

Tomorrow we hope to begin mixing and pouring the concrete for the floors of each home.  

God is so good!



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