Day 4 – Wednesday 
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord:  
We didn’t get to the pouring of the slabs today.  We moved many wheelbarrow loads of fill for the foundations.  We have learned that the work usually progresses and is measured by standards to which we are unaccustomed back in Milton or elsewhere on construction projects we have undertaken back in the States.  We are reminded that we are here to “let our light shine” by serving the people of Honduras as God prefers, which is different than showing them how we prefer to serve.  
This afternoon before we left to go back to the hotel, we had the opportunity to visit and pray with a lady who had lost her father recently.  We prayed for God’s peace, comfort and provision for the lady and her family.  While at the lady’s home, we witnessed the residents of the village working together along their dirt street to install the first plumbing system in the history of the village again with tools we would consider primitive. (It was just March of this year that the village first had the luxury of electricity.) 
Earlier in the day we had experienced digging a footer in the ground for a small front porch that each home will have across the front.  The black ground was as hard or harder than any hard pan soil most of us had ever seen.  It was so hard that a pick ax was required to break it up before we could even dent it with a shovel that creaked and bent as we pried at the earth.  
The focus and determination of the residents to make their village a better place to live is remarkable and heartwarming.  Whether or not we get to pour a slab tomorrow, we pray that our final day in the village will bring glory to God and be a testimony to the love of Christ in our lives.

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