It is the last day of our first week of camp! We are sad to see the children go, but we look back at this week with the happiest of memories.

The children’s love, joy, excitement and places they have never been exposed to previously.

Their meals, that have been catered, have been delicious and makes sure each child is satisfied. For many, these are the only balanced meals they receive.

Though only a few of the children speak English, all the children have found their own way to communicate with “the Americans” and give it to Adrians. These are the types of lessons the camp staff teaches on an every day basis.

We wanted to end the week by teaching them the story of David and health, this seemed like an invaluable lesson to teach.

We pray we have made a lasting impact in their lives and they will remember this week for many years to come. Most of all, we pray we have successfully planted the seed of God’s love in their hearts.


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