Written by: Meribeth P.

Sharing the Gospel to children is a communal effort. Especially in summer camp. It is not just one individual going through the Bible stories, or one person leading a sinner’s prayer. It is every dish washer, table cleaner, game creator, and nose wiper who creates an environment where the Gospel is not just told but lived out.

The community we are creating during these day camps in Latvia is thoughtfully developed with both nurturing and are dealing with alcoholic parents is not an easy job to step into.

Zonda, our fearless leader takes care of everything from plate runs to paperwork; and complicated thoughts in the simplest terms while still conveying the gravity of the situation to the campers. With a group like this it is easy to see how the camp runs smoothly for eight hours each day.

Today as the campers colored the Armor of God my prayer and warriors, daily putting on the Armor of God.

We are not here just to meet their lacking physical and filling it with drinking, they will fill it with the only one who satisfies, Jesus.



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