Written by: Jeanette P.

This week we have been working with children ages 8 to 12. They are the sweetest children ever! I was not sure how my heart would hold enough love for more children, but somehow God makes it happen!

The greatest challenge has been breaking down the Bible stories to make them easy for the children to understand be able to relate. Many of them have never heard of Jesus before. They don’t have any Biblical context.  

However, since the children this week are a little bit older, we have been able to get a little deeper into our Bible stories. They are eager to learn and participate happily. We have a few children volunteer to act out the Bible stories as we narrate.

On Tuesday, we learned about the Shield of Faith. I narrated the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and guide them, then God with be with them take care of them in every situation.

It was remarkable to watch each child listen carefully, their eyes focused, and gave her the biggest hug I could manage.

The children here in Latvia are lacking many tangible and mercy in their hearts is working in my own heart as well.

I know God is great, but I feel so incredibly honored that He allowed me to witness that moment with L?ga. We don’t always get to see the fruits of the seeds we plant, but God somehow chose me to be a part of that moment. That moment alone is worth more than I can express.


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