Written by: Meribeth P.

The English idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand is constantly sneaking into the kitchen for another bite. You may chalk it up as so kids just like to eat but the tiny size of her tells the real story.

They are also starving for attention. Maris is a very quiet boy who when at home is ignored. Most days he spends his time on the computer and hearing his giggles as he makes us squirms is worth it. The act of getting this child to smile feels like such an accomplishment each of us.

The picture shown here was taken right after he had tickled me, and we caught him in the middle of a giggle. All day I’ve been showing the other leaders, “Look have you ever seen him smile??”

The last day is my least favorite day. Yes we get pizza and got him to color a picture with me. We have colored six since.

The last day is also my favorite day because it is the day we finish the story and really getting through to the children. The Holy Spirit is working here. In the last blog you can hear the story of L?ga– if you haven’t read it it is well worth the time. Today Al?na begged me for a bracelet so she could tell her little sister the story of Jesus. It is these things that make what we do worth it!

Yesterday Zand be excited about the Gospel!


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