Maties is 11 years old. By far the oldest here during the younger kids camp. He comes with his little brother Gederts who is just six years old. When I fist saw Maties I was fearful he would be walking trouble. Being so much older than the rest I was worried he would not care to be apart of any of are games and is constantly helping me with my broken Russian. Helping out the teachers doesn’t stop him from having fun though as he is always joining into the games no matter how geared for younger kids it is.

Kirils is my lil’ minion because I don’t know if he actually speaks a real language but I’m sure he understand making sure she is taken care of. So many of these children week after week capture my heart.

This week about half of the campers knew the name of Jesus. Praise God! In the past two weeks most of the kids had no clue who Jesus was so it is so praiseworthy that some know His name. The fact that many of them have been to church comes through when they draw a cross with Jesus on them. Or the one boy who drew the tomb with crosses around it. It’s our prayer that we will lead them to new growth in their faith this week. Every week we have been talking about the Armor of God and how to grow as Christians you need to daily out on your armor. Of course we customize this depending on their knowledge.

This week we have really been pushing trusting in God no matter the circumstance. Whether it is a crazy storm or a giant God is faithful to be there. We have no way of knowing exactly what is happening in these children’s lives. They most likely live with someone who is an alcoholic, their grand something I tried to hit hard on was God may not change anything about your circumstance but He is there with you.



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