hurricane-matthew-ministry-updateHurricane Matthew has captured our hearts and provisions for those who have suffered loss in this devastating storm.

We are grateful to God that our ministry sites as well as the children and Cuba have been able to weather the storm without damage or injury. We wanted to provide you with an update from each country affected.

To view some post-storm photos at our site in the Dominican Republic CLICK HERE.

This country experienced the greatest loss of life and the government has estimated roughly 350,000 people need some type of assistance. We have feeding programs at two orphanages in Haiti.

Pastor Castillo, one of our ministry partners from the Dominican Republic and our main contact with the Shekinah Orphanage in Haiti, said this about the effects of Hurricane Matthew on the orphanage:

“We thank our Lord and safety.”

Dominican Republic
Heavy downpours caused severe flooding and a community transformation center, which includes a church.

There were heavy winds and kids are out playing, with the familiar sound of cows in the background.

One More Child works with children and the children were thankful the rain gave them some relief from the heat!

The hurricane did however devastate the eastern town of Baracoa, Cuba’s oldest colonial settlement, and there are many homes that received significant damage.

You can make a gift to One More Child today that will ensure food, clothing and type “Hurricane Matthew” in the gift notes section.

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Please be praying for our partners and we give thanks that the Lord is near to us all as the storm makes it way up the Eastern Coast of the United States.


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