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Wednesday, January 23, 2018

Can you believe it!? We are already on the second half of this week’s trip. What a day we had today! The morning was a beautiful time spent visiting children in their homes.

We visited some of the kids, at the request of a sponsor, to get updated pictures and share news. We also were able to receive updates to take back home to the sponsors. This is always a great time to share a prayer and bless the home of a sponsored child.

We also were able to visit some children that are in the process entering into the sponsorship program, so if you haven’t sponsored a child yet, be watching for new additions soon!

We were blessed today by being able to speak to a father of one of our kids. He was hurt and hasn’t been able to work, and the food basket has really helped his family. To see, in a tangible way, the way the food basket blesses a family, is so hard to describe. He was so grateful to God for sending “angels” to his door step, we all laughed, cried and prayed together. It was moments and memories like these that we will carry for a life time! What a small act of kindness, a quick visit, just a knock on a door, brought joy to so many!

We finally arrived at the church for the VBS program ahead of most of the kids for the first time ever. It was a great, breather to get your mind set on the message we wanted to convey today. We taught the kids that God is always with us, just like he was with Gideon. This message is especially important in a city like Managua where you can be so close to so many people, but feel so isolated. Our prayer is that we are making a difference. Our youngest team member really stepped up in a big way today! Due to a slight case of laryngitis of one of the team, she was given the opportunity to teach the youngest group, so fitting as we were teaching on Gideon, the least of the smallest tribe of Israel! The kids sure are having fun acting out the bible stories and doing the science experiments, and playing the games. The laughter is contagious!

Each evening after we gather for dinner, we have what we call our WOW time. It is a recap of what really touched a team member or really had an impact on us, individually. I’ll share a couple with you.

We had a team member, that as soon as the children arrived today, was presented with a beautiful piece of fresh fruit! You know, kind of like bring the teacher an apple day, except this child really needed that piece of fruit. These people will literally give you the food off their tables. It is so heart wrenching and beautiful all at the same time.

We also had a team member that started her moment with a this statement: “I was so happy to leave the church today!” We all were like “WHAT??” and then when she clarified, we all once again cried out in joy, you see, she had been trying to get the child that she sponsored to speak with her, and well lets be honest, most teenage boys, do not have anything to say to, well anyone. So as he was leaving with his brother and mother, they turned around and shouted her name several times to get her attention, when she turned toward them, he waived and smiled and shouted: “hasta manana!” This is why we are here, to make these connections. To have these relationships. We would love for you to join us on our next trip! #leastoftheseoverseas #lovewestb

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