Team: West Bradenton Baptist Church

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Today was our first day to visit Hogar Senil. It is always a bit emotional with the joy of seeing old friends and others.

We discovered that several residents, including our sweet 105-year old resident Rosita, went home to be with the Lord just weeks ago. It makes us realize the importance of sharing the gospel with the residents since we never know if this will be our last visit with them on earth. We were thrilled to see the completed NEW men’s dorm. In the past, we have helped build it and bring their own supplies. For many children, these added expenses make school impossible. It is a blessing to know that we can help meet these needs, with the generous help from donors, like many of you.

As we stepped off our bus at Bethel Baptist Church, we were greeted with many hugs, smiles and that God will sustain them, too.

We are all feeling the tug of returning home and the tug of wanting to stay to be with these people we have come to love so deeply. We know tomorrow will be a challenging day for our hearts as we say good bye for another year.


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