GlobalMission Trip UpdateNicaragua

Nicaragua, January 20th – 27th, 2017; Trip Update 4

Team: West Bradenton Baptist Church

Date: January 23, 2017

This was a good, good day!  We started early and headed to Hogar Senil, the nursing home where we will serve this week.  It was so good to see so many of our friends again.  The residents we have seen before recognized our faces, and it was so good to see that we can make a difference, just by uttering “hola”. To see their faces light up when you take the time to speak to them is just really hard to describe.  The home has at least three new residents, unfortunately four of our friends from last year are not with us this year.  Every time we visit, it is such a joy and a heartbreak; it makes for a crazy emotional day.

When we left with a promise to return on Wednesday and we left two team members to paint the men’s dormitory for the afternoon.  It is so close to being done! The men are looking forward to the day they can move into the new digs!  West Bradenton Baptist Church has provided the funds to complete this dorm, and when we visited two years ago it was nothing but a shell of a building.

The afternoon was filled with a flurry of activities. When we arrived at Bethel Baptist Church, the kids had arrived before us, they were waiting at the curb when the bus pulled up so very eager to help us get our things hauled into the church!  They were also very loving; we can’t even begin to count the hugs and ‘pokes’ we all received.

We all had a very powerful God moment when we placed hands on and prayed over one of the teachers, Ms. Juanita is so very sick and losing weight and they can’t figure out why, it hurts our hearts to watch her struggle to make it through the day, but she insists on coming because she doesn’t want to miss our visits.  She has such a gentle spirit, we are praying for healing and strength.  She has five boys to raise!!

Sue and I don’t really have a class assignment, we are there to roam, get needed items for classes and talk to the kids one on one.  Get to know a little more about them.  We really wanted to start connecting on a deeper level and pray specific prayers for these kids.  We were able to talk with only four kids today.  They have so many hurts, and needs, and worries, they can’t believe that a anyone on this earth, and certainly not in heaven would give them a second thought.  We are trying to change that!

After all the children received their food and had been loaded on the buses to go home, we still had a lot of work to do.  We unpacked all the backpacks we brought with us (200) and loaded them with the supplies that we purchased in country, so that on Wednesday it will be easier to hand out.

This was another day where the heart is full, the spirit is joyful, and the body is just plain worn out!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!

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