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Nicaragua, January 20th – 27th, 2017; Trip Update 5

Team: West Bradenton Baptist Church

Date: January 24, 2017

This morning dawned a bright and cheerful day.  We have gone past the half way mark on our journey.  No one is talking about the fact that we will soon be leaving Nicaragua, because each of us will be leaving a small part of ourselves behind.

We have a great mix of people, some that have been on several mission trips and others that are in the field for the first time.  Some have never worked with children, others have never loved on the elderly, some have done neither, and some have done it all.  It’s wonderful to hear the hearts of each of these team members confess that this trip is more than they could ask or imagine.  And that’s just how God works!

This morning was the time to pass out the food baskets for the Sponsorship ministry.   These are the food baskets (really large bags really) that the sponsors pay for so these families can have supplementary food to eat.  We have about 57 children sponsored, and are looking for sponsors for all 140 children!  It was great to see the parents today.  There were plenty of smiles to go around.

When this was completed, we were able to go to some of the homes for a visit.  The kids are always so excited for a home visit, but as a sponsor you approach it with mixed emotions. It is always a joy see the child’s face who has captured a piece of your heart, it is heart reaching to see the conditions that some of them live in.

After all that mixed emotion, we took a quick break for lunch, then back to church for the VBS program.  The kids are loving the object lessons; Ms. Anita is very good at grabbing and holding their attention.

Ms. Sue and I talked with a sweet young girl who had lost her Papa just two weeks ago. She is still hurting, trying to process her new reality. All we could do was simply hold her and let her know she is loved. We were then able to sit down with three young ladies and have good conversation about how the choices they make today will effect their future.  These one on one conversations are something that we have wanted to do for a while, talking with these young ladies, finding out if they have prayer needs, what they are thinking, and just getting to know them is such a blessing.

Tomorrow will be the last day that we will see the majority of the kids, it is the last day of VBS.  We will ask for an alter call tomorrow, I pray that we have made a small impact!

Another banner day, when a team member that has been in the field several times declares that this is the best day they EVER have had in the field, it makes you proud to serve along side of them!

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